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Photo Gallery -

Photo Gallery - (Disney Photos)

Photos of our trips to the races at Daytona:

Tammy and Glenn (4/15/01)
Glenn and Tammy in 1988--one of our first pictures
The Welch's on Poinsetta Drive
The Nesom's on Tammy's Birthday
Tammy, Mom, Dad and Glenn at Jetty Park in Port Canaveral (3/6/04)   Mom and Dad waving to the Disney Magic as it leaves port
The Disney Magic   Glenn and Tammy with the Magic in the background
Dad, Mom, Glenn and Tammy at a Braves game at Disney (3/7/04)   Some action from the Braves game
Tammy and Glenn at an Astros game
Kerri, Tammy and Nina at Disney
Who are these people?
Dad and Mom (Roy and Jean) in 1974
Mom and Dad (Gwen and Glenn) with Glenn in 1971
Glenn, Archbishop Hannan and Kenny on Kenny's Confirmation Night (5/03)
Mom and Dad's 25th Anniversary
Tammy and Vern Yip (TLCs Trading Spaces)
Glenn and Richard Petty
Waiting in line at Mother's in New Orleans
Tiffany, Mom and MáMá on the Riverfront Streetcar in N.O.
Glenn's 30th Birthday cake
Singing "Happy Birthday" to Glenn
Glenn, Scott and Tiffany LATE on Glenn's Birthday
The Welch's and Wooley's
Mom, Aunt Elaine, MáMá and Nanny (Becky)
Tammy and Glenn at the Spanish Fort in St. Augustine, FL
Tammy blowing out the candles on her birthday cake
Glenn and Tammy at Port Orleans Riverside at WDW
Dad, Mom and Nina at the Concourse Steakhouse
Dad and Mom relaxing in the Magic Kingdom
Nina, Dad, Mom and Tammy in Epcot
Tammy, Nina, Dad and Mom leaving Epcot
Scott, Tiffany, Mom, Glenn and Tammy on Christmas Eve 2001
MáMá riding her bike
Mom, Tammy, Glenn and Dad on Tammy's 31st birthday
The Nesom's and Mrs. Jean and Mr. Jim
Party at MáMá's!
MáMá, Uncle Ken, Aunt Liz, Kenny, Ryan and Glenn
The Ehrhardt cousins
Singing "Happy Birthday"
Tammy in Pirate's Alley In N.O.
Tammy waiting on Glenn
Entering Faulkner House Bookstore
Getting a Muffuletta at Central Grocery
St. Louis Cathedral in Jackson Square
Scott cooking steaks
Glenn and Jeff Gordon's car
Glenn and Rascal
Tammy and Rascal
MáMá, Mom and Tiffany exiting Space Mountain
The Nesom's at Glenn and Tammy's
Glenn and Tammy at Uncle Malcolm's Christmas Party (2002)
Mom, Uncle Malcolm and Tiffany
Scott opening his Christmas present--a Hank Williams, Jr. singing doll
Tiffany, Scott and Glenn with Hank
Scott dancing with Hank
Glenn ready to go on his ride around Daytona
Glenn getting in Bobby Labonte's car
All strapped in!
Mom and Glenn at a Zephyrs game
Glenn, Tiffany, Mom and Scott on Mother's Day 2003
The Welch's and MáMá on Mother's Day
Enjoying the crawfish boil at Uncle Ken's
Relaxing on Mother's Day
Rascal--the king of the castle
The "Crash Crew" on the way to Daytona (7/03)
Mom and Dad in Gulf Shores, AL (7/03)
The Robert's/Nesom's in Gulf Shores
Mom, Dad, Glenn and Tiffany at the Contemporary in 1979
Christmas 1982
Christmas 1992
Glenn's 30th Birthday
Blowing out the candles
MáMá Georgiana, Glenn and MáMá Jackie
Glenn, Scott and Tiffany (I think)
Scott, Tiffany, Mom and Glenn in front of the Castle (7/02)
Christmas 1984
Mom, Tammy and MaMa on Christmas at the Polynesian Village
The Nesom's on Main Street   Tiffany and Dad welcoming Glenn home from the WDW College Program (5/91)
Dad and the first deer he shot   Dad and Tammy (9/96)
Dad and Nina with Tammy on her last day of work at the Times-Picayune   Tiffany, Glenn, Mom and Scott at MáMá's on Christmas
Aunt Cheryl, MáMá Georgiana, Dad and Aunt Barbara at The Welch Family Reunion   MáMá, Glenn, Mom, Scott, Tiffany and Marc at the USO dance for the opening of the D-Day Museum
Tiffany watching Glenn beat Scott at Daytona   Dad beating Glenn at Atari on Christmas
Glenn and his Godparents-Uncle Richie and Nanny (Aunt Becky)   Sassy and Glenn
Glenn and Tammy at the Ballpark in Arlington, TX   Tammy and Glenn on Christmas 1993
Glenn and Mom in front of the Mustang   Glenn, Tammy and Nina on the Backstage Tour at Disney-MGM
Glenn, Tammy, Amy and Jose at Six Flags over Texas   Glenn and Scott on the start/finish line at Daytona
Scott and Glenn in Daytona's infield   Tiffany and Glenn on the Mad Tea Party
Mom, Tammy and Dad on Tammy's graduation day (1989)   Marc, Scott, Glenn and Tiffany playing Guesstures
Glenn, Tammy, Mom, Nina and MaMa on Mom's birthday (1994)   Tiffany, Glenn, Mom and Dad on the Mardi Gras float in 1979
Glenn, Tammy, Mom and Tiffany at Mardi Gras 1999   Dad, Tammy, Mom, Gay and Robbie on Mom's birthday (1992)
Tammy, Mom, Dad and Nina on Mother's Day 1991   Nina, MaMa, Mom, Tammy and Glenn at Disney-MGM on New Year's Eve 1995
Dad, Mom and Tammy on Christmas (1999)   Nina (age 5) and Tammy (age 2)
Tammy, Pinocchio and Nina at WDW in 1976   Nina and Tammy at Nine Dragons
Kenny, Ryan and Marc showing their buff bodies   Mom, Dad and Tammy at St. Augustine, FL
Dad and Glenn on Christmas Eve 2001   Mom and Tammy
Nina and Tammy   Mom and Dad on Christmas
Tiffany watching Glenn beat Scott yet again at Playstation   Glenn and his race car bed
Glenn, Tammy, Tiffany and Scott swimming at the Polynesian Resort   Tammy, Glenn and Pokey
Tammy, Pooh and Glenn   Dad, Mom and Tammy
Mom and Dad   Tammy cutting her birthday cake (2000)
Dad, Mom, Glenn and Tiffany in Tennessee in 1977   Glenn, Tammy, Mom, Tiffany and Scott at Jazzland (now Six Flags New Orleans)
Tiffany, Mom, Dad and Glenn at Tiffany's post-graduation party (1991)   Tiffany hard at work on the WDW College Program (1994)
Tiffany, Dad, Mom, Scott and Glenn at the Polynesian Resort while visiting Glenn on the WDWCP (1991)   Dad, Glenn, Tammy and Mom (2000)